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About the company METALSPORT

The first Italian manufacturer of devices for the Body-building is.
Originally the structure of devices is in tube lacquered steel.
The production is then replaced by a new full steel range and chrome-plated, completely knockdown.

Very fast this range will become the Top at the international level.

Today, later more than 40 years, the chrome-plated range is always produced.
The qualities which characterize this range are suivantes:-Solidity
- Feature of devices
- Luxurious image of the chromium

Always continue to invest(surround) in the research for new products to improve the bio-mechanics to obtain better results in the use of its devices.

In this purpose METALSPORT studied the new range FITNESS 2000
- Cutting edge design
- Crankcase of protection: three possibilities of delivery of devices:

    * Without crankcase
    * With crankcase steel
    * With crankcase ABS

The purchase of a product METALSPORT is synonymic of trust, security, longevity.

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